Friday, February 8, 2013

day 13 - Fairwell to Whiterun

Turdas 29th of Last Seed 4E201

It has been a while since I first arrived to Whiterun, this beautiful city at the heart of Skyrim. It was the need to escape from Imperial imprisonment that bought me here. Within a short time I grew to like Skyrim though. The place is tougher but the people are honest and I value that. When I shall have the chance I will settle down in Whiterun for my old days. Jarl Balgruf has made this city flourish even in the midst of a civil war. This place will be even better once the hostilities cease. I still have a lot of work to do until I earn enough coin to retire.
Morning in Whiterun
I have explored much of the Whiterun Hold and I have done all the assignments that I could find. It is time to move on to a city offering more work. I will leave Whiterun but not for good. I still have to do the Jarl’s task at Bleak Falls Barrow and I will do it once I will be prepared.  I had a chance to talk with couriers, guards and legionnaires passing by about the events ongoing in Skyrim. I heard from many sources that the city of Markarth is a place where one can find a lot of work opportunities that pay well.  The hold is extremely dangerous because of the Forsworn guerillas hiding in the hills though. I decided to travel to Markarth and seek fortune there. Before that I needed to prepare myself and have a rest too. I wanted to collect some smithing materials and practice the craft as well. In the morning I went to Adrianne and sold my remaining spare equipment including my old armor.
Riverwood was quiet and friendly
Then I took a walk to Riverwood in order to buy some materials from Alvor and to say fairwell to him too. Alvor and his family were well thanks to the Gods for that. He sold me plenty of materials, leathers, ingots whatever I needed.  Then I started walking on the way back to Whiterun. I was just descending from the hill when an Argonian assassin attacked me.  The poor fellow wielded a shortsword and a dagger and wore some kind of a light armor. The recent weeks have brought me back to shape and the assassin was not a great threat.  I quickly incapacitated him. I do not know who has the interest to see me dead… I need to be even more on my guard because next time it may not be so easy to counter such threat.
The assassin attacked me for reason unknown
As I arrived back to Whiterun I visited Erolund Gray-Mane and bought smithing materials then I returned to Adrianne and bought materials from her too. The rest of the day I practiced smithing. Adrianne was kind enough to show me how to make steel plated armor. At the end my crafting knowledge improved significantly and I had a set of reinforced steel place armor. I kept the imperial officer helmet though as it provides a better view. I sold my old steel armor to Adrianne and I was ready to leave. I have spent a great amount of gold in order to have the smithing knowledge and the armor but I am sure the investment will pay off. Today I spent roughly 3500 gold and I still have 1500 gold left.  I planned to leave for Rorikstead today and make it there till evening. I said fairvell to Adrianne and exited the gate.
A temporary fairwell to Whiterun
On my way to Rorikstead I passed by Fort Greymoor and took a look at what was going on inside. The Impreial Legion moved in. Finally a good move from them. I was really glad to notice that my effort of clearing the place from bandits was not in vain. I hope Agnis is doing well. It is surely easier to get on with Imperial soldiers than with brute bandits.
Fort Greymoor secured by the Imperial Legion
I continued my walk and after an hour I noticed noises of sword fighting.  I quickly approached to see what was going on. A merchant was being attacked by two bandits and was very close to getting murdered by them. I rushed at them and with one surprise slash I slew one of the bandits, the other turned towards me and let the merchant run away. The second bandit charged in rage but my shield bash knocked him down and a strike ended his misery.  The Merchant was very grateful and offered discount as a reward. I told him to be more careful and even hire a companion during his travels within the hold. I hope he reached safety by now.

The poor merchant was saved at the last moment
After the incident I continued my travel to Rorikstead and reached it by dusk. I entered the inn and had a nice supper. I had a talk with the locals. Rorik was at the inn to and he greeted me warmly.  I had a talk with a young man Erik the son of the inn-keeper who wishes to be an adventurer. I told him about the many perils and hardships of the life on an adventurer, but he persisted. He also asked for my help to convince his father to let him go. I talked to the inn-keeper and persuaded him to let his son go. I gave them some gold in order for Erik to have armor.  Now I am resting in my room at the Frostfruit inn in Rorikstead preparing to move to the Reach tomorrow. 


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