Thursday, January 24, 2013

day 11 - Fort Greymoor

Tirdas 27th of Last Seed 4E201

In the recent time I have been to many places within Whiterun Hold. I have still to explore its western part though. While talking with one of the guards in Whiterun I learned about a fort occupied by bandits not far from the western watchtower. The name of the place is Fort Greymoor. Once it was an outpost of the Imperial Legion but now it is abandoned as both the Legion and the Whiterun hold Guard are spread too thin and have no resources to control it. Brigands took the opportunity and moved in. Today I paid them a visit.  As usual on my exploring days I left Whiterun early and headed to the western watchtower. I reached the watchtower not long before sunrise. The guards there shared with me what little knowledge they had about the fort.
The western watchtower
The closer I got to the fort the more careful I treaded further. From afar it seemed that there were many people on the walls. If that had been true I would have had to abandon my plan for the day. As I got closer to the walls I saw that almost all the “people” manning the walls were actually dummies. The crafty brigands used that trick to scare off those who considered taking over their fort. That was a smart thing to do especially from illiterate thugs but not smart enough.
Fort Greymoor
As I got near the gate the bandits spotted me and charged. I withdrew from the gate and wanted them to come after me. The first bandit to close on me was a Nord in heavy iron armor. We had an exchange of blows and we blocked each other’s blows. He was a tough young man with good strength but less experience. In a vulnerable moment I closed in and hit him with the pommel of my sword which staggered the brigand and within seconds he was down.
The first bandit to fall
In the meantime Archers came through the gate and started shooting at me. My heavy armor protected me from taking any serious harm. I cut down three archers one after another. Then I entered the fort yard and quickly checked for other brigands to be hiding. I saw someone on the northern tower. It turned out to be a firce Orc. The fight was intense but short and the Orc was put down. The outside part of Fort Greymoor was cleared.
A fierce Orc outlaw
There were two entrances from the yard. I chose to enter the prison instead of the main entrance and approach the main building from inside. As I entered the prison entrance hall a bandit in heavy armor attacked at once but I quickly ended his zeal and sent him to Oblivion. There was a cage with a dead hunter in it. The whole place did not look very good. Nevertheless I treaded further down in the prison and I reached a corridor with cells. These brigands were kidnapping and ransoming people. It is very sat that the security in Skyrim deteriorated so much to allow these cutthroats to do their shady business.
Prison Cells
At the end of the corridor I found two bandits one swordsman in light armor and one spell-caster. I got near them undetected. My plan was to weaken them with arrows and finish the job with my sword. My bow attacks surprised both of them and they could not react properly and I shot the both from afar. The dungeon was cleared. I found another dead hunter and an elf woman in the cells. Both were dead Gods rest their souls.
A dead hunter
I went up to the entrance hall and found a hallway to the main building which led to the fort dining hall. As I entered the dining hall three bandits attacked me at once. The first was a Nord in heavy armor and he was eliminated with a quick stab in his neck. Then came a Nord Archer in light armor but he was cut down with two blows.
Bandit in heavy armor rushing
The third one must have been the leader of the lot in Fort Greymoor. He was a tall and fierce Redguard, very strong and very quick. He wore light armor and wielded a steel axe. His initial attacks were quick and he stroke with unexpected timing and unexpected directions. I took up a turtle like defensive stance with my shield at the front. Fortunately my heavy armor absorbed much of the damage. I counter attacked him and cut his hand first. It was not a serious wound but the Redguard started bleeding and started to get exhausted. I still did not dare to do a wide slash or a long stab because the thug would have taken the opportunity to strike when my defense is open. Luckily for me the Redguard used a feint I have just learned from Amren and I could predict his move. Then I stroke and surprised the bandit chief. My cut was deep and his strength deteriorated quickly. Soon he was down.
The Redguard was dangerous
I went up and searched the tower above the dining hall. I found a chest with some enchanted equipment in it. I found a dead legion soldier in a room. It looks like these bandits ransomed everyone they could capture. Then I went back to the dining hall and proceeded to the main entrance hall. From the side a hedge wizard attacked me. I quickly rushed him and ended his miserable attempt. I found a torture room. That blasted spell caster was burning people alive. There was a cage in the torture room with many corpses in it.
The spell caster torturer
Then I entered the fort kitchen. There was an old lady who quickly run aside and broke out in tears. Two Orcs rushed to me wielding two handed steel axes. I stabbed the first one in the belly and my sword went through the light armor and the Orc itself. The second one swung his axe to behead me but at the last moment I blocked his blow with my shield.  I blocked another couple of blows before I counter attacked. The last Orc was soon lying dead on the floor.  Fort Greymoor was cleared.
The Orc threatened to chop my head and he ment it
The old woman asked me not to kill her. I did not intend to that anyway. After calming her down she told me that her name was Agnis and she lived in that fort for long and served whoever owned the place. I collected the valuables and was ready to leave. Before leaving Agnis prepared me a good lunch roasted leg of goat with potatoes. Before leaving I advised her to close every entrance and barricade herself in a room for the night.
I was walking back to Whiterun on the road when a strange Orc approached me. She was a Skooma dealer and she wanted to sell me her foul potions. I told her that I will report the incident to the city guard. Then she attacked me. I had no choice but to put her down.
I reached Whiterun in the afternoon, and as usual sold my loot and bought potions. I also bought leathers and iron ingots from Adrianne. I practiced smithing the rest of the day. In the meantime I started to think about my next move. I have already explored most of Whiterun Hold and need to look for work elsewhere. Where would that be?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

day 10 - A day of withdrawals

Morndas 26th of Last Seed 4E201

For today I decided to explore the strange cave north of Whiterun, called Shimmermist Cave. After leaving the city I went on my usual route North.  While I was going past the Ritual stone on the other side of the river I noticed a cave opening. I got curious and crossed the river to see what was hiding within it. I found Graywinter Watch cave. I thought I spotted another bandit hideout.
A troll wanted me for lunch
I was wrong. I have just got inside when a troll rushed to the entrance.  I have encountered trolls in Cyrodiil and in some other parts of the Empire. It was never easy to defeat such beasts, but at the end I always slew them when I met them. Until today that is. This troll was a huge and much stronger than the ones I fought before. Skyrim is an untamed land for most part and its monsters are more ferocious than those in the rest of the Empire. The troll hit me wildly many times and I barely could block the attacks. I cut the beast here and there as opportunity showed but it seemed it did not do much harm. I realized if the fight had gone on much longer I would have been bested. Step by step holding my shield in front and stabbing with my sword to keep the troll as far as I could, I backed out of the cave. It was better to withdraw and fight another day. Fortunately I got out of the cave without getting seriously wounded.
Shimmermist cave
I crossed the river again and continued north. Soon I reached Shimmermist cave. As I arrived I entered carefully as I did not know what was waiting for me inside. The cave looked much different than the normal bandit or beast hideouts. It was darker, colder and the vegetation was very different. I went in further and all of a sudden an arrow hit my front armor. Fortunately for me the front plate mitigated most of the harm but the arrow was poisoned!  I had to rush in and cut down whatever was was shooting at me with the bow. I entered a cave hall and on an upper side I saw a goblin-like creature. I run up the path and finally encountered the monster which –as lately explained by Adrianne in Whiterun- was a Falmer. It resembled to a goblin but was bigger, stronger and sturdier.  As I closed in the Falmer drew a dagger and slashed wildly. It took me a while to slay it. The dagger was poisoned as well so I had to stop and cast a few restoration spells on myself.
The Shaman did not like visitors
I went on exploring the cave and got into the next smaller hall. A Falmer shaman was waiting for me and attacked with frost spells. Since the hall was small I quickly rushed and cut the shaman down. I entered a tunnel which led further deep in the cave ending in another great hall. Two Falmers attacked me as I entered the hall. The two Flamers were very tough opponents. I backed into the tunnel so only one of them could reach me at a time. With much struggle I could defeat one of them, and backed more and more into the tunnel . The second Falmer ran away.
Falmers are not to be trifled with
I decided not to press on more into that foul cave. If I got attacked by two or more Falmers at the same time again, that would have been my end. I collected what I could from the dead Falmers and what valuables I could find in the cave. Falmers have interesting swords and bows that will make some coin. My stock of healing potions was badly depleted. I decided to return to Whiterun and then see what to do next. I managed to reach Whiterun without any trouble.
Whiterun from the North
I sold the loot to the traders. There was still much time left so I thought to pay the White River Watch cave brigands another, this time a longer visit. I went towards the Honningbrew Meadery then I turned East and crossed the bridge. The sight of the waterfall south of the bridge was simply mesmerizing. I did not have much time to get carried away and I walked on. I reached the bandit hideout shortly thereafter.  Nobody was guarding the cave outside, it looks like the thugs got more cautious.
I left the old blind brigand unharmed
I entered the cave a blind old man sitting at a table in the entrance spoke to me.
“-Are you one of us? “ -he asked.
“-Yes.” - I replied and went on peacefully leaving the old man be.
I went upwards in the cave and soon bandits attacked me one at a time or in pairs. I made short work of each of them. There was a cage in the cave with a wolf in it. I opened the cage and ended the wild animal’s misery.
A bandit and a captured wolf in the cage
Soon I reached an exit which led to a salient in the mountain side. At the table there was the chief of the bandits sitting. Hajvarr Iron-Hand as I got to know his name did not hesitate to greet me in his way.  He grabbed a two-handed Orcish warhammer and closed on me trying to bash my skull. As he swung his hammer I stepped aside with my shield facing the brigand so the hammer passed close to my head only hitting the plain air. Hajvarr’s blow was followed by my slash from the side and the chief’s head was parted from his neck. I found the brigand’s journal and learned about the recent weeks of the gang. They were robbing the traders travelling to Whiterun and the city guard was spread too thin to counter them. They will plague this land no more.
Hajvarr Iron-Hand was determined to avenge his men
I collected the loot and went back the way I came. I left the old man in peace I believe he will soon descend to Whiterun after realizing the bandits are no more. As I just descended the mountain side and started walking back to Whiterun on the road, I was attacked by a mad Argonian. At first I thought somebody sent an assassin to kill me for a reason unknown but it turned out not to be the case. Most likely the poor reptile had too much Skooma and had gone mad. He put up a tough fight wielding two daggers and swinging wildly and unexpectedly. At the end he was put down.
After finally reaching Whiterun I entered the Warmaiden shop and sold my loot a War-Bear and Adrianne.  I had a nice talk with the friendly couple. They explained me about the Falmers and Trolls.
A friendly chat about adventures in Skyrim
Recently many Whiterun citizens are known to having been disappeared and most likely killed at both of the two places I explored today. By the mercy of Gods at least I was wise enough to withdraw when that was the best move I could possibly do. 
I praise Talos for not losing my temper in the hottest moments and being able to make through another hard day.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

day 9 - The family heirloom

Sundas 25th of Last Seed 4E201

Some days ago I met a Redguard citizen in Whiterun called Amren.  He asked me to help him with a matter of his.  His father’s sword was stolen and was kept in a bandit stronghold named Valtheim Towers. Yesterday I had a talk with him in the evening at the Banned Mare and he shared all the details about the place. In the recent time he explored the area and collected a lot of information about the stronghold and the bandits within. The stronghold consisted of two towers and a passage between them over the river. The bandits were many in numbers. That was not an easy assignment.
Valtheim Towers
There was a back-door approach to the towers which might surprise the thugs though. I promised Amren to attempt to retrieve his sword if the plan works. He told me that he would have liked to join me but his wife did not let him undertake such a risky adventure. I did not blame him.
At first light I exited Whiterun and started my journey. The late summer weather was mild and I hoped I could make it through the day unharmed. 
Dawn in Skyrim
I planned my route to arrive at Valtheim Towers from the top of the cliffs nearby and descend to the Northern tower which was supposedly less guarded. First I went north till I reached the mountain side North-East of Whiterun.  I found a cave entrance with some strange fence around. I noted the place and went on.
Shimmermist cave
I then turned East and started climbing the mountain side. After a time I reached a strange stronghold named Fellglow Keep. I must have approached too close as two hedge wizards suddenly attacked me. Fighting mages is a nasty business. They can either freeze or cook people in their own armor unless they are rushed very fast and cut down immediately.  One of them attacked me with fire spells the other with frost spells.  I dodged the fire and frost balls. Soon I got near the frost mage and quickly put him down. 
Fellglow Keep home of hedge wizards
The fire mage was the more experienced one. I needed to dodge his attacks for quite a time until his magica was exhausted. Luckily for me his magical resources depleted faster than my stamina while jumping side to side. The blasted thug then drew his short sword and charged at me. That was a wrong move from his part and ended in his death.  
We had an exhausting fight
I also noticed a fiery abomination at the fort entrance. As I approached it turned out to be a fire atronach. The atronach hit me once with his fire spell and that almost knocked me down. I was not able to charge and finish it off as I would have died in the hail of fire. I could not flee because the atronach would have hit me with its spells. I took cover at the side of a big rock. I caught up with my breath and rested for a moment. Then I came to an idea. I put my sword into the scabbard and took the bow. I dodged aside the rock shot a bow at the atronach and dodged back. The fireball just flew besides the rock and me. Then I dodged to the other side of the rock shot an arrow and dodged back. I repeated this until the atronach was destroyed. I was safe for the moment. 
The atronach almost defeated me
I did not enter the keep, instead I left Fellglow keep as quickly as I could and went on eastward. I have to inform Proventus about this place and he should warn the citizens not to come to this place.
After an hour I reached the point above Valtheim Towers. It was time to descend as silently as I could in my heavy armor.  The thugs did not expect anybody from the mountain side and only an archer was on guard. As I just got halfway down, the blasted archer heard me approaching and alerted the thugs in the tower. 
Valtheim Towers, approaching the back-door
A bandit chief ad his Nord lieutenant run out from the Northern tower and charged at me. They were both in heavy armor. I quickly moved to the side and hit the chief. While they turned to me I changed position again and hit the Nord. I moved around them and stroke one of them, and blocked their blows a few times. Both the chief –a Redguard woman- and the Nord were hardy brawlers but had crude fencing skills. The archer stood back and dare not to shoot in order to avoid his companions being hit. After a time both of them got exhausted and in an unwary moment the Nord opened his stance too much. With a stab I put him down. Seeing that the chief charged in anger but I blocked her last strong blow and got in her back. Soon she lied dead. The archer started shooting at me but was quickly rushed and cut down. 
The bandit chief and her lieutenant
I entered the Northern tower and nobody else was there. It looks like the bandits at the southern side did not notice what was going on at the far bank. I searched the Northern tower and found the chest with Amren’s family heirloom. It was time to leave.

I found Amren's family heirloom
 At first I wanted to leave the way I came but had a second thought. This stronghold is near the road to Whiterun. These thugs might kill many innocent travelers if they are let loose. I decided to put them down all. Instead of leaving I stepped out on the narrow passage. Then the thugs in the Southern tower noticed me. Two outlaws charged at me and they were shortly defeated. A third one was shooting arrows at me. I entered the Southern tower and rushed up the stairs with my shield above my head. As I closed on the last bandit he drew his dagger in vain attempt to save his hide. His struggle did not last long. The fort was finally cleared. 
Outlaws were charging wildly
I collected the valuables and left, this time on the road leading to Whiterun. On my way home I discovered many other places.
At first I spotted a camp that is was different from those bandit camps I ran into the past weeks. As I approached it became clear that I found one of the hidden Stormcloak camps. I was leaving when I was approached by a Stormcloak patrol. I was ready for fight when the guard greeted me and went on his way. I also left in peace. 
Stormcloak camp
After leaving the camp I found another Guardian stone and a necromancer was defending it. The necromancer was down within a few heart beats. I was approaching the bridge leading to the Whiterun farmlands when I discovered another cave White River Watch. Two bandits were guarding the entrance and were not happy with me being around. Their unfriendly welcome resulted in them being quickly sent to Oblivion. After defeating the thugs I left immediately and soon crossed the bridge and reached Honningbrew meadery. I bought two bottles of beer and had a nice chat with Sabjorn the Nord owner of the place. Finally I reached Whiterun.
Bandits at White River Watch had a bad day
Khajit traders were outside the city and I took the opportunity to sell the majority of my loot to them. After entering Whiterun I sold the remaining loot to Adrianne and Belethor. I gave Amren his family heirloom and he was very glad to have it back. He taught me a Redguard sword and shield technique in return. He also agreed to tech me the Redguard fencing for a fee.  The rest of the afternoon we trained. It cost me a lot of gold to acquire the knowledge of the one-hand sword techniques but it was worth it. 
Imperials like me are professional soldiers wielding the sword in a classic way. Redguards on the other had always used surprise and unexpected moves in their sword-play. No wonder so many Redguards were recruited among the Blades. Many of my fellow legionnaires wished to learn this kind of sword fighting but the few Redguards who served in the legion kept their secret. I am happy to have such an opportunity to finally master the Redguard techniques. I will certainly use some of the faints I learned. I will also be able to counter the savage Redguard sell-swords if need be.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

day 8/B - Notes on the Civil War in Skyrim

Loredas 24th of Last Seed 4E201 (continued)

This evening my time allows me to write about how I see certain events here, in Skyrim. A common Imperial citizen knows little or nothing at all about the war. That little knowledge is also a very false picture of what is happening here. Imperial officials interpret the scarce news to their liking. This is not a small local hostility that is handled easily by the Legion. Not even close. 
Skyrim torn apart by the Civil War
Skyrim is a beautiful and rich province, home of the Nords since many thousand years. These people are tough but also generous and hard-working.  Its climate is harsh most of the time, and that led the Nords to work even harder, and made them able to cope with any hardship. At peace this place could be one of the most flourishing regions of the remaining Empire. Nords are also pillars of the Empire both in keeping it safe and working, as much as the Imperials.  If Cyrodiil is the mind and the storefront of the Empire Skyrim is the heart and hinterland of it.
The decadence within the Imperial leadership has led the decline of the Empire. That culminated in the conclusion of the Great War. Corruption and scheming have led to debilitation of the bureaucrats of the empire who now strive to reach their own good and not loyally serve the once great Empire. The Imperial administrators sent to Skyrim are no different.  The Emperor is a true soldier and saved us from total defeat. His political incompetence though will cost the Empire dearly.  Accepting the White-Gold Concordat may lead to a slow death of the Empire if things will not drastically change. The ban of Talos worship has alienated a big part of the Nords already. This makes me as an Imperial and veteran officer of the Legion very ashamed. My own fate is victim to such scheming in Chorrol as well.
Imperial Legion soldiers in Skyrim
Currently the Nord citizens are very much divided. In spite all difficulties a part of them remained loyal to the Empire. It makes me proud to see how such fine people like Alvor are still supporting it and such fine young men like Hadvar are defending it. We did lose some good men already and that will cost the Empire dearly for generations. I remember the young Stormcloak, Ralof. He is also fine brave and honest young men and it is a shame that such good men like him and Hadvar a fighting and killing each other.  I remember my days in serving le Legion. During that time I got to know and handle people very well. I made such young men like Hadvar and Ralof Auxiliary and later Quaestor and had them lead groups of novice soldiers. Such men were the core of my unit.  Such men never failed me. And now… they are fighting each other.

Why do these two fine young men fight each other?
The Empire cannot allow itself to lose Skyrim. That would mean the complete dissolution of it. High Rock would secede in no time and Cyrodiil would be on its own. I am Imperial but I am not blind. I believe I completely understand by now why the support of the Stormcloaks is so widespread throughout Skyrim. People had enough of the decadence and corruption.  They want their freedom back. Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm has promised them to create a better and more just separate state in Skyrim. By my impression he is a charismatic man, no wonder many people like him. Is he a good military leader? Would he be a wise leader of Skyrim? Will an independent Skyrim be able to hold on its own? I do not know. If I ever get to Windhelm I will look around. A leader’s close surrounding can tell much about the leader itself.
Ulfric Stormcloak - Is he the leader Skyrim needs?
By sending General Tullius to Skyrim it seems the Empire finally realized the seriousness of the Civil War. One man however cannot change the course of events. Even a conquering army cannot do that. Provinces are acquired by war but kept by winning the hearts and minds of its citizens. The empire has to renew itself and get the respect back. This will not happen from one day to another.
General Tullius and Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak - Who is going to win?
The current state of the Civil War is certainly bad for the Empire and very bad for the suffering Nords. Who gains the most of this? That is certain, the blasted Thalmor. As long as the empire is bogged in its internal wars, cannot strike back. The Thalmor have much to pay for. I would certainly not be surprised if I got to know that they somehow have a part in sustaining the hostilities.
And what about me? What can I do in this situation? I have participated in putting down rebellions in the past. But that was when my duty called to do so. I by any means do not wish to take part in oppressing people any more.  If their will is to leave the Empire I have to accept that. I would certainly not take up arms against the Legion. I keep my vow to the Legion till I die. At the moment all I can do is my own business and hope that things will be settled in Skyrim in a peaceful way. I do not see that likely to happen though.

Talos guide us in these hard times.

day 8 - The treasure hunt

Loredas 24th of Last Seed 4E201

In the past days I while collecting loot from the different bandit camps I acquired two treasure maps. One of them pointed to a place north of Whiterun not far from Pelagia Farm, the other map was pointing to a place near Riverwood. Both locations were near the mountain with Bleak Falls Barrow on top of it. Today’s plan was to retrieve the loot hidden in the two treasure locations and scout the surrounding of the Bleak Falls Barrow. 
Pelagia Farm was the reference point of the first map
I left Whiterun at dawn and quickly reached Pelagia Farm. I started climbing the mountain and soon enough I found the first chest with the treasure. There were some gems, jewels and some gold in it which will bring good coin but nothing exceptional worth mentioning.   
The first chest was hidden at the mountain side
After reaching the first treasure place I had my breakfast and hat a good look at the beautiful surroundings. The weather was cold even at this time of late summer in Skyrim. Higher in the mountain was snowing. After the break I continued moving at the mountain side North then West as soon as I reached the trail leading to the horrendous place I planned to scout today.  
The watchtower
Before reaching the Barrow I passed the watchtower. That place was guarded by three bandits. They confidently tried to chase me away, only to find themselves being attacked by the what they thought to be a lonely wanderer.  I made short work of the first bandit in fur armor wielding a two handed axe. Then I entered the tower there the Nord chief in iron armor was waiting. We had a short but intense exchange of blows and at the end the tough Nord was lying dead on the floor. The third was a Redguard woman with a bow who tried to furiously attack me to no avail, she was sent to her companions to Oblivion immediately. In this encounter the Nordic steel armor has done a good service not only keeping me safe from most of the harm but also keeping me from freezing in the cold. I took the time to catch my breath and collect the loot. Then I continued my approach to the Barrow.
Approaching the barrow
At the final leg of the trip to the Barrow there were many steps leading upwards. Suddenly two bandits attacked me. They were hiding in a salient and almost jumped on me at once. I was on my guard though and I cut down immediately the first one, the second run away. I chased him and finished him with one blow. I was shot at with arrows from behind so I turned back and chased the bowman that attempted to sneakily get me from afar. He was also down within seconds. The poor man was retreating from me and fell of the platform that was in front of the Barrow entrance and broke his neck. The guards outside were eliminated. 
He wanted me to leave
I entered the Barrow itself as silently as I could. I spotted more bandits near a campfire at the far end of the entrance hall. I assessed the situation. To clear this place I need to be more prepared and in a better shape than I am now. I may even have to get a companion to assure that I will not end as another undead of the many foul creatures in the Barrow. I decided to leave for the moment. The Jarl and Lucan the trader have to wait some time longer.
The entrance hall
I went back to the tower and started to descend the mountain. As I reached the lower plain near the river not far from Riverwood, I noticed a thug looting dead Imperial soldiers. As soon as he spotted me he attacked at once. The man looked more frightening with his big axe that he was swinging wildly however the fight that he put up was feeble. As he tried to chop my head off I stepped aside and stabbed him in the chest. He was down in a short time. 
The soon to be dead scavenger
Soon after I got to the place where the treasure near Riverwood was to be found. The chest was in the trunk of a huge fallen tree exactly as the map showed.  The loot was nearly the same sort as in the first chest. 
The second chest hidden in a huge tree trunk
It was noon when I reached Riverwood.  I went to the forge and Alvor greeted me happily. I was glad to find him and his family in good health. I sold some of the loot to him and sold the remaining items to Lucan the trader. Lucan was getting very impatient. It took some time to explain him the situation. I assured him that If his belonging is in the Barrow he will get it, but not before I see the time right to enter such a hazardous place.
My trip back to Whiterun was without difficulties. I went straight to the Banned Mare to put down my armor and have some rest. It was only afternoon and I was looking forward to some free time. I noticed a tough looking woman in the corner. As I greeted her he insulted me by saying that I have not the guts to face her. I do not fight women. 
A strange way to make friends
This time I had to. As I noted the people in the inn were eagerly watching what was going to happen. If I had backed from the challenge I would have been considered a coward for the rest of my life here in Whiterun, and possibly in whole Skyrim. We started to brawl. I made my best no to hit this furious woman too hard. I must admit Uthgerd the Unbroken –that is her name- put up a more decent fight then most men would do. After a time she gave up. She seemed not to be angry and even her attitude became very friendly towards me. I believe I will never understand the Nord women… 

Now it is time to rest for the rest of the day.