Character story: The youth

The young guard
Barristus Selymus was born in Chorrol the second son of the innkeeper of the Grey Mare. His elder brother Sergius was meant to take on the family business. The young Barristus showed interest in the soldier’s life rather than farming or any of crafting trades. When the Chorrol guard was recruiting he volunteered and was accepted by the captain of the guard and the count Julius Valga too. He, being a tall and strong young man got along well with his fellow guardsmen. Their trainer was a retired member of the Blades, Aerius Valerius.  Aerius had a very impulsive character and could not bare the dull life of a monk of the Order of Thalos where the retired members of the Blades were assigned after terminating their active years. The grandmaster of his order allowed him to train the guards, and the grateful Aerius trained the guards well.  He had much pleasure in training the young Barristus and Barristus enjoyed learning from the old veteran of countless battles. The two spent much of their free time in the evening together practicing the techniques of sword-play. The old man was most resourceful in finding out more and more challenging ways to sharpen his young swordsmen’s skills. Once he folded Barristus’ eyes and attacked him with a stick asking him to defend himself.  That night the Barristus gained quite a number of bruises but that did not lessen his zeal to perfect his other senses besides seeing. Other times they went hunting together for boars and bears. Soon enough such beasts were not a challenge for Barristus anymore.