Character Story: Battle of the Red Ring

The ingenious plan of the Emperor was successful thus the chance of turning the course of the war became a reality. The emperor’s main Army commenced the siege of the capital from the North. The elves attempted to break the siege south of the Imperial City from the direction of Bravil. At the eve of the final decisive battle Barristus was promoted again this time to the rank of Tribune and was assigned to lead a unit of heavy infantry.
The Battle of the Red Ring
The next day the great counter attack of the Elves commenced. Maintaining the isolation of the Imperial City was the key in succeeding in the siege of the capital and destroying the large number of trapped Elves thus providing a chance to finish the war.  Barristus organized his men in three lines and they formed a formidable shield wall.
The Imperial Legion is ready to stand it's ground
The first thee waves of the attacking elves broke up on the shield wall and the Imperial cavalry drove the elves back after their momentum passed. The first line lost half of their men and the remaining soldiers joined the second line which now was up front. The heat of the battle and the pressure was beyond what words could tell, but the Imperials fighting shoulder to shoulder with Nords and Redguards held firm under the leadership of Barristus. “The strongest soldiers are the strongest at heart.” the words of his tutor Aerius echoed in his mind during the hardest moments.  In the afternoon the Elves committed their last reserves to the final attack. The assault was preceded by a terrible archery barrage, but the heavy armor of Barristus’ men saved them from heavy losses. The archery barrage was followed by a hail of fire from Elven battle-mages. Fortunately for Barristus and his soldiers potions of resist fire were distributed among his men thanks to the Breton healers that served in the Imperial Legion. Most of the Legionnaires escaped the inferno unscathed.  Then the assault commenced and soon, the forward line broke.  Barristus gathered every remaining Legionnaire to hold the last line. He was bleeding from several wounds himself as most of his men. The Elves committed most of their force against them and it was only a matter of time before they cut through the defense of the Imperial Army. Barristus lost one man after another but he and his soldiers paid with even more Elven lives taken. Barristus himself was fighting with two Elven soldiers and got struck by third Elf’s spear in the side. The tip of the spear just slipped between the heavy armor plates. He fell unconscious but his men kept fighting. All of a sudden as a lightning from the clear sky Imperial cavalry from another legion made a last desperate charge that caught the attacking Elves in the back.  That broke the momentum of the Elves and routed them.  The battle was decided and soon to be over.  The leader of the cavalry was -if you have not guessed it already- General Tullius. How he could get in the back of the Elven main force, we shall never know, but that has decided the outcome of the battle. His master strike would have been too late the without the endurance and sacrifice of the heavy infantry holding the defense though. 
General Tullius' cavalry saved the day in the last moment
Many nameless heroes died that day.  The Imperial Army held the defense line and maintained the siege of the capital. The Imperial City was soon retaken with the leadership of Emperor Titus Mede II destroying the trapped elven army in the process. Historians refer to the events described above as the Battle of the Red Ring. After routing out the Aldmeri Dominion from Cyrodiil, peace terms could be negotiated and the war was finally over.