Character story: Civil life

After the battle of the Red Ring the Imperials gathered their  wounded soldiers and healers did all but the impossible to save most of them.  Barristus was treated by a Breton healer called Perard Alberic. His convalescence was hard and slow. Perard taught him the basic healing spells and asked him to practice them for the sake of his own cure. He remained grateful to his Breton savior for the rest of his life.
In the meantime peace terms were negotiated. Everybody expected harsh terms but the result manifested in the White-Gold Concordat was even more austere.  Barristus red the terms with disgust. “Is this what we fought for? Losing some land can be recovered. But banning the worship of Talos?!  The spirit of Talos is the spirit of the Empire! The bond that holds it’s people together!  Talos’ path is what every citizen of the Empire should strive to walk on. Titus Mede sold his soul to Oblivion by agreeing to that! Damn the Thalmor!” Despite the ban of the worshipping of Talos he always paid his visit to Talos shrines and prayed as before. The Imperials were not eager to keep that part of the treaty. He continued to serve in the legion for ten more years reaching the rank of Legate. Then he was honorably discharged and had returned to Chorrol.

Back to Chorrol
Count Valga offered him the job of being the steward of the City Guard.  Barristus did his job well as he did his best in everything he was tasked for. The fate has turned against him not long after he arrived home. The countess was looking for a position for his cousin and had the opinion that he could do better as the steward of the guard. She hired the Thives Guild to sneak in and forge the books of the Chorrol Guard - without the knowledge of the count Valga of course. Barristus was arrested and convicted for corruption. The count, who liked Barristus very much and highly acknowledged his feats in the Great War, simply could not understand how that could happen and sentenced him for the lightest punishment, but even that was a sentence for years.  Barristus was incarcerated in Chorrol castle dungeon. 

Chorrol castle
One night a fire had erupted in the castle. One of the jail guards Ulf Broad-Axe who was a Nord and served under Barristus  in the Great War opened his cell. “Sir, you should leave while the confusion lasts. No honest person in Chorrol believes that you have done what you have been accused for. I have my uncle in Skyrim in the town of Helgen. Go there and they will aid you in your escape.  Talos be with you!” Ulf gave him a pack of food and clothes and a steel sword.
Barristus fled for Bruma and stayed his last night in Cyrodiil at the Olav's Tap and Tack inn. He planned  to get across the Jerall mountains the next day and leave for Skyrim for the next years to come…