Friday, February 22, 2013

day 15 - Markarth

Sundas, 31st of Last Seed  4E201

I woke up well rested. Yesterday was a day of long march and my sleep was deep and long. I planned to spend the day walking around the city and get to know the people. It was the first time that I have the chance to visit a dwemer-built city. It wasn’t however my first experience with dwemer engineering though. After the great was I was sent to the Imperial War Academy. One of my main subjects was siege engineering and amongst other siege engines we learned about dwemer devices. I always found Dwemer engineering fascinating and I am glad to have the opportunity to see such things at first hand. I know this is not always an experience without peril.  
The city is as astonishing as I expected. The greatness and beauty of the buildings carved into the mountain side is mesmerizing. I did not forget though, that I was looking for work possibilities. At first the vendor at Arnleif and Sons Trading Company a lady named Lisbeth hired me to retrieve one of her robbed items a Dibella statuette. I finally got an audience from the Jarl too. The Jarl did not seem to trust me much but he gave me a task of eliminating a Forsworn leader.  Jarl Igmund seems to be a worthy leader though and I will do my best to persuade him that I can be a capable asset to Markarth.  I met the Jarl’s personal smith an Orc named Moth gro-Bagol. He is an experienced blacksmith with ten years Legion experience. Her sister Ghorza gra-Bagol runs a forge in the city. I will be able to sell my loot to them after my sorties. I bought potions from a very helpful Brerton old woman named Bothela at her alchemy shop.
Understone Keep
Not all things are going well in Markarth though. Since the Markarth incident the Talmor keep a close eye on the city. There is a Talmor detachment at the Understone Keep. Their leader is Ondolemar an arrogant and conceit Altmer. I hope there will come the day when I will have the chance to even my score with them. For now I do not interfere as the Empire does not need another scandal.
Talmor at Understone Keep
At the Understone keep I met a man named Thongvor Silver-Blood. He is another self-satisfied person in the city and he has most of the wealth of it. His family owns half of the Businesses in Markarth including the Cidhna mine the smelter and the Silver-Blood inn. During my walk around the city I learned about the poor conditions the mine and smelter workers are working. I also met the arrogance of other members of the Silver-Blood family. 
Thongvor Silver-Blood
I do not envy Jarl Igmund. He has to keep the Silver-Blood family under control, cope with the Talmor contingent and defend the city from the Forsworn attacks. It is a demanding job to lead Markarth now-days. I will aid him as much as I will be able to though.

Jarl Igmund
I met an old scholar at the Understone Keep, named Cancelmo. I got to know he had a problem at his excavation site at the ruins under the keep.  Giant spiders infested the research site and the work was stopped since then. The biggest threat was a spider named Nimhe. I agreed to clear the site.Cancelmo gave me the key and I entered the ruins. First I went through Dwemer built corridors then I descended into a mine-like dig-site. As soon as I reached the bottom of the site I had been attacked by multiple frost-spiders. I cut them all down with ease. I proceeded deeper at the research site. Finally I arrived at a big hall mostly covered by spider nets. I was sure if Nimhe the giant spider was to be found somewhere that was the place. 
Spiders infested the excavation site
I was right. As soon as I entered the hall the beast of the spider descended from the top of the hall. I cut the spider many times but it seemed that it did not hear so much. My sword sunk fully in the spongy spider belly but the spider was not crippled yet. The blasted beast spat on me poison which I started to feel. After a lengthy fight I had to retreat into the tunnel from which I entered. Fortunately Nimhe was too large to be able to chase me there. I had the chance to cast restoration spells and recover from the poison effect.  Then I charged Nimhe the second time. I hit her with several strong blows before I finally managed to kill the beast.  After a few seconds that I realized the spider was dead I fell unconscious.
I was hit with poison many times during my last charge and it almost cost me my life. It must have been an hour after that I woke up. I recovered somehow and before leaving the hall I examined the place. I found a dead Legionnaire and a strange letter about an expedition that explored deep into the ruins of Nchuand-Zel. As I exited the excavation site I found a lot of Dwemer scrap metal pieces. I collected them all.
Cancelmo was very content to hear that the threat at the research site was eliminated. He granted me access to his private Dwemer Museum. He also gave information about the lost expedition in the ruins. I will investigate that soon.
I found a lot of Dwemer scrap metal
There was still time in the afternoon, so I went to the smelters and smelted the Dwemer scrap metal into Dwemer metal ingots. Ghorza was kind to show me the Dwemer metal smithing technique at her forge. I crafted nice Dwemer weapons and sold them. I also visited Moth and he taught me the way Orcs treat orichalcum ore. I managed to buy from him base materials for an Elven sword too. I crafted and sharpened the sword. I also tempered my armor with the help of Moth. My equipment is better and better day by day.  After a long practice in smithing I headed back for the Silver-Blood inn to have my well-deserved rest. Just as I arrived close to the gate, vampires attacked several citizens and guards. I aided in putting them down. A master vampire was an especially tough foe to deal with. Unfortunately one miner died in the attack before we could get rid of those foul creatures.
Vampires made a very unpleasant surprise

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