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day 8/B - Notes on the Civil War in Skyrim

Loredas 24th of Last Seed 4E201 (continued)

This evening my time allows me to write about how I see certain events here, in Skyrim. A common Imperial citizen knows little or nothing at all about the war. That little knowledge is also a very false picture of what is happening here. Imperial officials interpret the scarce news to their liking. This is not a small local hostility that is handled easily by the Legion. Not even close. 
Skyrim torn apart by the Civil War
Skyrim is a beautiful and rich province, home of the Nords since many thousand years. These people are tough but also generous and hard-working.  Its climate is harsh most of the time, and that led the Nords to work even harder, and made them able to cope with any hardship. At peace this place could be one of the most flourishing regions of the remaining Empire. Nords are also pillars of the Empire both in keeping it safe and working, as much as the Imperials.  If Cyrodiil is the mind and the storefront of the Empire Skyrim is the heart and hinterland of it.
The decadence within the Imperial leadership has led the decline of the Empire. That culminated in the conclusion of the Great War. Corruption and scheming have led to debilitation of the bureaucrats of the empire who now strive to reach their own good and not loyally serve the once great Empire. The Imperial administrators sent to Skyrim are no different.  The Emperor is a true soldier and saved us from total defeat. His political incompetence though will cost the Empire dearly.  Accepting the White-Gold Concordat may lead to a slow death of the Empire if things will not drastically change. The ban of Talos worship has alienated a big part of the Nords already. This makes me as an Imperial and veteran officer of the Legion very ashamed. My own fate is victim to such scheming in Chorrol as well.
Imperial Legion soldiers in Skyrim
Currently the Nord citizens are very much divided. In spite all difficulties a part of them remained loyal to the Empire. It makes me proud to see how such fine people like Alvor are still supporting it and such fine young men like Hadvar are defending it. We did lose some good men already and that will cost the Empire dearly for generations. I remember the young Stormcloak, Ralof. He is also fine brave and honest young men and it is a shame that such good men like him and Hadvar a fighting and killing each other.  I remember my days in serving le Legion. During that time I got to know and handle people very well. I made such young men like Hadvar and Ralof Auxiliary and later Quaestor and had them lead groups of novice soldiers. Such men were the core of my unit.  Such men never failed me. And now… they are fighting each other.

Why do these two fine young men fight each other?
The Empire cannot allow itself to lose Skyrim. That would mean the complete dissolution of it. High Rock would secede in no time and Cyrodiil would be on its own. I am Imperial but I am not blind. I believe I completely understand by now why the support of the Stormcloaks is so widespread throughout Skyrim. People had enough of the decadence and corruption.  They want their freedom back. Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm has promised them to create a better and more just separate state in Skyrim. By my impression he is a charismatic man, no wonder many people like him. Is he a good military leader? Would he be a wise leader of Skyrim? Will an independent Skyrim be able to hold on its own? I do not know. If I ever get to Windhelm I will look around. A leader’s close surrounding can tell much about the leader itself.
Ulfric Stormcloak - Is he the leader Skyrim needs?
By sending General Tullius to Skyrim it seems the Empire finally realized the seriousness of the Civil War. One man however cannot change the course of events. Even a conquering army cannot do that. Provinces are acquired by war but kept by winning the hearts and minds of its citizens. The empire has to renew itself and get the respect back. This will not happen from one day to another.
General Tullius and Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak - Who is going to win?
The current state of the Civil War is certainly bad for the Empire and very bad for the suffering Nords. Who gains the most of this? That is certain, the blasted Thalmor. As long as the empire is bogged in its internal wars, cannot strike back. The Thalmor have much to pay for. I would certainly not be surprised if I got to know that they somehow have a part in sustaining the hostilities.
And what about me? What can I do in this situation? I have participated in putting down rebellions in the past. But that was when my duty called to do so. I by any means do not wish to take part in oppressing people any more.  If their will is to leave the Empire I have to accept that. I would certainly not take up arms against the Legion. I keep my vow to the Legion till I die. At the moment all I can do is my own business and hope that things will be settled in Skyrim in a peaceful way. I do not see that likely to happen though.

Talos guide us in these hard times.

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