Saturday, January 19, 2013

day 10 - A day of withdrawals

Morndas 26th of Last Seed 4E201

For today I decided to explore the strange cave north of Whiterun, called Shimmermist Cave. After leaving the city I went on my usual route North.  While I was going past the Ritual stone on the other side of the river I noticed a cave opening. I got curious and crossed the river to see what was hiding within it. I found Graywinter Watch cave. I thought I spotted another bandit hideout.
A troll wanted me for lunch
I was wrong. I have just got inside when a troll rushed to the entrance.  I have encountered trolls in Cyrodiil and in some other parts of the Empire. It was never easy to defeat such beasts, but at the end I always slew them when I met them. Until today that is. This troll was a huge and much stronger than the ones I fought before. Skyrim is an untamed land for most part and its monsters are more ferocious than those in the rest of the Empire. The troll hit me wildly many times and I barely could block the attacks. I cut the beast here and there as opportunity showed but it seemed it did not do much harm. I realized if the fight had gone on much longer I would have been bested. Step by step holding my shield in front and stabbing with my sword to keep the troll as far as I could, I backed out of the cave. It was better to withdraw and fight another day. Fortunately I got out of the cave without getting seriously wounded.
Shimmermist cave
I crossed the river again and continued north. Soon I reached Shimmermist cave. As I arrived I entered carefully as I did not know what was waiting for me inside. The cave looked much different than the normal bandit or beast hideouts. It was darker, colder and the vegetation was very different. I went in further and all of a sudden an arrow hit my front armor. Fortunately for me the front plate mitigated most of the harm but the arrow was poisoned!  I had to rush in and cut down whatever was was shooting at me with the bow. I entered a cave hall and on an upper side I saw a goblin-like creature. I run up the path and finally encountered the monster which –as lately explained by Adrianne in Whiterun- was a Falmer. It resembled to a goblin but was bigger, stronger and sturdier.  As I closed in the Falmer drew a dagger and slashed wildly. It took me a while to slay it. The dagger was poisoned as well so I had to stop and cast a few restoration spells on myself.
The Shaman did not like visitors
I went on exploring the cave and got into the next smaller hall. A Falmer shaman was waiting for me and attacked with frost spells. Since the hall was small I quickly rushed and cut the shaman down. I entered a tunnel which led further deep in the cave ending in another great hall. Two Falmers attacked me as I entered the hall. The two Flamers were very tough opponents. I backed into the tunnel so only one of them could reach me at a time. With much struggle I could defeat one of them, and backed more and more into the tunnel . The second Falmer ran away.
Falmers are not to be trifled with
I decided not to press on more into that foul cave. If I got attacked by two or more Falmers at the same time again, that would have been my end. I collected what I could from the dead Falmers and what valuables I could find in the cave. Falmers have interesting swords and bows that will make some coin. My stock of healing potions was badly depleted. I decided to return to Whiterun and then see what to do next. I managed to reach Whiterun without any trouble.
Whiterun from the North
I sold the loot to the traders. There was still much time left so I thought to pay the White River Watch cave brigands another, this time a longer visit. I went towards the Honningbrew Meadery then I turned East and crossed the bridge. The sight of the waterfall south of the bridge was simply mesmerizing. I did not have much time to get carried away and I walked on. I reached the bandit hideout shortly thereafter.  Nobody was guarding the cave outside, it looks like the thugs got more cautious.
I left the old blind brigand unharmed
I entered the cave a blind old man sitting at a table in the entrance spoke to me.
“-Are you one of us? “ -he asked.
“-Yes.” - I replied and went on peacefully leaving the old man be.
I went upwards in the cave and soon bandits attacked me one at a time or in pairs. I made short work of each of them. There was a cage in the cave with a wolf in it. I opened the cage and ended the wild animal’s misery.
A bandit and a captured wolf in the cage
Soon I reached an exit which led to a salient in the mountain side. At the table there was the chief of the bandits sitting. Hajvarr Iron-Hand as I got to know his name did not hesitate to greet me in his way.  He grabbed a two-handed Orcish warhammer and closed on me trying to bash my skull. As he swung his hammer I stepped aside with my shield facing the brigand so the hammer passed close to my head only hitting the plain air. Hajvarr’s blow was followed by my slash from the side and the chief’s head was parted from his neck. I found the brigand’s journal and learned about the recent weeks of the gang. They were robbing the traders travelling to Whiterun and the city guard was spread too thin to counter them. They will plague this land no more.
Hajvarr Iron-Hand was determined to avenge his men
I collected the loot and went back the way I came. I left the old man in peace I believe he will soon descend to Whiterun after realizing the bandits are no more. As I just descended the mountain side and started walking back to Whiterun on the road, I was attacked by a mad Argonian. At first I thought somebody sent an assassin to kill me for a reason unknown but it turned out not to be the case. Most likely the poor reptile had too much Skooma and had gone mad. He put up a tough fight wielding two daggers and swinging wildly and unexpectedly. At the end he was put down.
After finally reaching Whiterun I entered the Warmaiden shop and sold my loot a War-Bear and Adrianne.  I had a nice talk with the friendly couple. They explained me about the Falmers and Trolls.
A friendly chat about adventures in Skyrim
Recently many Whiterun citizens are known to having been disappeared and most likely killed at both of the two places I explored today. By the mercy of Gods at least I was wise enough to withdraw when that was the best move I could possibly do. 
I praise Talos for not losing my temper in the hottest moments and being able to make through another hard day.

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