Thursday, January 24, 2013

day 11 - Fort Greymoor

Tirdas 27th of Last Seed 4E201

In the recent time I have been to many places within Whiterun Hold. I have still to explore its western part though. While talking with one of the guards in Whiterun I learned about a fort occupied by bandits not far from the western watchtower. The name of the place is Fort Greymoor. Once it was an outpost of the Imperial Legion but now it is abandoned as both the Legion and the Whiterun hold Guard are spread too thin and have no resources to control it. Brigands took the opportunity and moved in. Today I paid them a visit.  As usual on my exploring days I left Whiterun early and headed to the western watchtower. I reached the watchtower not long before sunrise. The guards there shared with me what little knowledge they had about the fort.
The western watchtower
The closer I got to the fort the more careful I treaded further. From afar it seemed that there were many people on the walls. If that had been true I would have had to abandon my plan for the day. As I got closer to the walls I saw that almost all the “people” manning the walls were actually dummies. The crafty brigands used that trick to scare off those who considered taking over their fort. That was a smart thing to do especially from illiterate thugs but not smart enough.
Fort Greymoor
As I got near the gate the bandits spotted me and charged. I withdrew from the gate and wanted them to come after me. The first bandit to close on me was a Nord in heavy iron armor. We had an exchange of blows and we blocked each other’s blows. He was a tough young man with good strength but less experience. In a vulnerable moment I closed in and hit him with the pommel of my sword which staggered the brigand and within seconds he was down.
The first bandit to fall
In the meantime Archers came through the gate and started shooting at me. My heavy armor protected me from taking any serious harm. I cut down three archers one after another. Then I entered the fort yard and quickly checked for other brigands to be hiding. I saw someone on the northern tower. It turned out to be a firce Orc. The fight was intense but short and the Orc was put down. The outside part of Fort Greymoor was cleared.
A fierce Orc outlaw
There were two entrances from the yard. I chose to enter the prison instead of the main entrance and approach the main building from inside. As I entered the prison entrance hall a bandit in heavy armor attacked at once but I quickly ended his zeal and sent him to Oblivion. There was a cage with a dead hunter in it. The whole place did not look very good. Nevertheless I treaded further down in the prison and I reached a corridor with cells. These brigands were kidnapping and ransoming people. It is very sat that the security in Skyrim deteriorated so much to allow these cutthroats to do their shady business.
Prison Cells
At the end of the corridor I found two bandits one swordsman in light armor and one spell-caster. I got near them undetected. My plan was to weaken them with arrows and finish the job with my sword. My bow attacks surprised both of them and they could not react properly and I shot the both from afar. The dungeon was cleared. I found another dead hunter and an elf woman in the cells. Both were dead Gods rest their souls.
A dead hunter
I went up to the entrance hall and found a hallway to the main building which led to the fort dining hall. As I entered the dining hall three bandits attacked me at once. The first was a Nord in heavy armor and he was eliminated with a quick stab in his neck. Then came a Nord Archer in light armor but he was cut down with two blows.
Bandit in heavy armor rushing
The third one must have been the leader of the lot in Fort Greymoor. He was a tall and fierce Redguard, very strong and very quick. He wore light armor and wielded a steel axe. His initial attacks were quick and he stroke with unexpected timing and unexpected directions. I took up a turtle like defensive stance with my shield at the front. Fortunately my heavy armor absorbed much of the damage. I counter attacked him and cut his hand first. It was not a serious wound but the Redguard started bleeding and started to get exhausted. I still did not dare to do a wide slash or a long stab because the thug would have taken the opportunity to strike when my defense is open. Luckily for me the Redguard used a feint I have just learned from Amren and I could predict his move. Then I stroke and surprised the bandit chief. My cut was deep and his strength deteriorated quickly. Soon he was down.
The Redguard was dangerous
I went up and searched the tower above the dining hall. I found a chest with some enchanted equipment in it. I found a dead legion soldier in a room. It looks like these bandits ransomed everyone they could capture. Then I went back to the dining hall and proceeded to the main entrance hall. From the side a hedge wizard attacked me. I quickly rushed him and ended his miserable attempt. I found a torture room. That blasted spell caster was burning people alive. There was a cage in the torture room with many corpses in it.
The spell caster torturer
Then I entered the fort kitchen. There was an old lady who quickly run aside and broke out in tears. Two Orcs rushed to me wielding two handed steel axes. I stabbed the first one in the belly and my sword went through the light armor and the Orc itself. The second one swung his axe to behead me but at the last moment I blocked his blow with my shield.  I blocked another couple of blows before I counter attacked. The last Orc was soon lying dead on the floor.  Fort Greymoor was cleared.
The Orc threatened to chop my head and he ment it
The old woman asked me not to kill her. I did not intend to that anyway. After calming her down she told me that her name was Agnis and she lived in that fort for long and served whoever owned the place. I collected the valuables and was ready to leave. Before leaving Agnis prepared me a good lunch roasted leg of goat with potatoes. Before leaving I advised her to close every entrance and barricade herself in a room for the night.
I was walking back to Whiterun on the road when a strange Orc approached me. She was a Skooma dealer and she wanted to sell me her foul potions. I told her that I will report the incident to the city guard. Then she attacked me. I had no choice but to put her down.
I reached Whiterun in the afternoon, and as usual sold my loot and bought potions. I also bought leathers and iron ingots from Adrianne. I practiced smithing the rest of the day. In the meantime I started to think about my next move. I have already explored most of Whiterun Hold and need to look for work elsewhere. Where would that be?

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