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day 8 - The treasure hunt

Loredas 24th of Last Seed 4E201

In the past days I while collecting loot from the different bandit camps I acquired two treasure maps. One of them pointed to a place north of Whiterun not far from Pelagia Farm, the other map was pointing to a place near Riverwood. Both locations were near the mountain with Bleak Falls Barrow on top of it. Today’s plan was to retrieve the loot hidden in the two treasure locations and scout the surrounding of the Bleak Falls Barrow. 
Pelagia Farm was the reference point of the first map
I left Whiterun at dawn and quickly reached Pelagia Farm. I started climbing the mountain and soon enough I found the first chest with the treasure. There were some gems, jewels and some gold in it which will bring good coin but nothing exceptional worth mentioning.   
The first chest was hidden at the mountain side
After reaching the first treasure place I had my breakfast and hat a good look at the beautiful surroundings. The weather was cold even at this time of late summer in Skyrim. Higher in the mountain was snowing. After the break I continued moving at the mountain side North then West as soon as I reached the trail leading to the horrendous place I planned to scout today.  
The watchtower
Before reaching the Barrow I passed the watchtower. That place was guarded by three bandits. They confidently tried to chase me away, only to find themselves being attacked by the what they thought to be a lonely wanderer.  I made short work of the first bandit in fur armor wielding a two handed axe. Then I entered the tower there the Nord chief in iron armor was waiting. We had a short but intense exchange of blows and at the end the tough Nord was lying dead on the floor. The third was a Redguard woman with a bow who tried to furiously attack me to no avail, she was sent to her companions to Oblivion immediately. In this encounter the Nordic steel armor has done a good service not only keeping me safe from most of the harm but also keeping me from freezing in the cold. I took the time to catch my breath and collect the loot. Then I continued my approach to the Barrow.
Approaching the barrow
At the final leg of the trip to the Barrow there were many steps leading upwards. Suddenly two bandits attacked me. They were hiding in a salient and almost jumped on me at once. I was on my guard though and I cut down immediately the first one, the second run away. I chased him and finished him with one blow. I was shot at with arrows from behind so I turned back and chased the bowman that attempted to sneakily get me from afar. He was also down within seconds. The poor man was retreating from me and fell of the platform that was in front of the Barrow entrance and broke his neck. The guards outside were eliminated. 
He wanted me to leave
I entered the Barrow itself as silently as I could. I spotted more bandits near a campfire at the far end of the entrance hall. I assessed the situation. To clear this place I need to be more prepared and in a better shape than I am now. I may even have to get a companion to assure that I will not end as another undead of the many foul creatures in the Barrow. I decided to leave for the moment. The Jarl and Lucan the trader have to wait some time longer.
The entrance hall
I went back to the tower and started to descend the mountain. As I reached the lower plain near the river not far from Riverwood, I noticed a thug looting dead Imperial soldiers. As soon as he spotted me he attacked at once. The man looked more frightening with his big axe that he was swinging wildly however the fight that he put up was feeble. As he tried to chop my head off I stepped aside and stabbed him in the chest. He was down in a short time. 
The soon to be dead scavenger
Soon after I got to the place where the treasure near Riverwood was to be found. The chest was in the trunk of a huge fallen tree exactly as the map showed.  The loot was nearly the same sort as in the first chest. 
The second chest hidden in a huge tree trunk
It was noon when I reached Riverwood.  I went to the forge and Alvor greeted me happily. I was glad to find him and his family in good health. I sold some of the loot to him and sold the remaining items to Lucan the trader. Lucan was getting very impatient. It took some time to explain him the situation. I assured him that If his belonging is in the Barrow he will get it, but not before I see the time right to enter such a hazardous place.
My trip back to Whiterun was without difficulties. I went straight to the Banned Mare to put down my armor and have some rest. It was only afternoon and I was looking forward to some free time. I noticed a tough looking woman in the corner. As I greeted her he insulted me by saying that I have not the guts to face her. I do not fight women. 
A strange way to make friends
This time I had to. As I noted the people in the inn were eagerly watching what was going to happen. If I had backed from the challenge I would have been considered a coward for the rest of my life here in Whiterun, and possibly in whole Skyrim. We started to brawl. I made my best no to hit this furious woman too hard. I must admit Uthgerd the Unbroken –that is her name- put up a more decent fight then most men would do. After a time she gave up. She seemed not to be angry and even her attitude became very friendly towards me. I believe I will never understand the Nord women… 

Now it is time to rest for the rest of the day.


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