Thursday, December 20, 2012

day 4 - A day of misfortune

Tirdas 20 th of Last Seed 4E201

Today I barely made it alive. A warrior always has to be ready for the unexpected, but no one can be ready for everything.
I got up short before dawn. There is a lake South-West of Riverwood and I wished to explore its surrounding. I also wanted to hunt some deer for hide. Just as I crossed the river south of Riverwood I spotted a deer and hit it with an arrow. It ran off but did not get far. I caught and killed it. After skinning it quickly I went on exploring the lake shore.
I reached the lake at dawn
Two wolves attacked me but they may regret that by now, as their hide ended in my possession too.  Later I discovered the ruins of an old fort named Ilinalta’s deep. I descended on a ladder into the fort which was half sunk into the lake. After passing a few rooms I felt on myself the frost destruction magic. A necromancer was attacking me! I quickly stroke him down but he severely weakened me. I heard his friends approaching and I retreated in haste as I saw no chance to win a fight against them.
I went on further on the shore of the lake and hunted down two elks. 
Ilinalta's deep
I was passing by the western edge of the lake when I discovered an entrance to a cavern. A wounded Nord named Valdr was sitting near it. He asked for help and I gave him two potions of restore health. Soon Valdr recovered. He told me that he with his friend chased bears into the cave and got attacked within. He intended to go back into the cave to save his friend.  I tried to deter him of his plan as we could not know what else was in there. He persisted and I did not blame him for that. In his shoes I would have done the same thing… Then I agreed to help him.
I found Valdr wounded
We entered the cave, with me at the front in heavy armor with sword and shield, Valdr at the back with his bow. Soon enough it turned out what a bad idea that was. A foul green creature, a spriggan attacked us with her bear. I hastily slashed the spriggan a few times but it did not do much harm to the beast. The bear in the meantime jumped on Valdr. Seeing the futile attempt to best this creature it was high time to run. The blasted creature started to drain my strength and very soon it would have put an end to my life. I quickly backed off and shouted to Valdr “Run!!!”. It was too late the bear tore the poor lad apart. I had to quickly use my health potions to recover. 

Moss mother cavern
 After a time I tried to sneak into the cave once more to get the corpses out and burry them. The spriggan was waiting at the entrance and attacked instantly. I retreated again this time for good. I had to use my last potions in order to recover. This is how the adventure of poor Valdr ended and I could do nothing more about it. I was left without any potions and my equipment was badly damaged.  
The spriggan was a terrible foe
Since I was half way the route I planned I chose to go on exploring as planned and went on as careful as one could.  Going further on the southern shore of the lake I was attacked by wolves many times. I fought them off easily and their hides will be put to good use. I met a traveler and his guard who were also attacked by wolves. I approached the eastern tip of the lake not far from the guardian stones when I found a bandit camp. Three bandits were guarding it. It was a foolish move from my part to attack them but I was very angry with myself not being able to help Valdr.  I did not completely lose my cool though. I outwitted the three thugs by moving around them and killing them one by one.

The bandit who did not live to tell the tale
 Finally I reached Riverwood where I sold the loot to Alvor and Lucan. I asked Lucan about his trouble and he told me that thieves robbed him of his valuable item a gold claw and ran off to Bleak Falls Barrow. I told him that I will return him his claw once I find it. We made quick fixes to my armor with Alvor as well.  I did not wish to burden them with my stay any longer so I said fairwell to Alvor and his kind wife Sigrid and their beautiful daughter.
It was late afternoon already but I expected an eventless and short trip to Whiterun. I again was wrong.  Half way to Whiterun I was stopped by a thief. He demanded my valuables and I am not the man to succumb to such threats. Then he attacked me on the spot.
The dangerous Dunmer thief
 This Dunmer fellow was not the inexperienced, easy to fool lad like the other bandits I met in the last days. He wore light armor and wielded two daggers but he was devious and fast as lightning. Many cuts landed on my armor and some stabs which found their way through the weak spots wounded me badly till I finally could slay him with a last blow to the neck. It was a very close fight and that blasted Dunmer nearly defeated me. Talos guided me well though and I was the one who prevailed, praise him for that. I cast restoration spells on myself and slowly made it to Whiterun.

As I arrived I went straight to the Banned Mare and rent a room.  Tomorrow I shall use the day to recover and think about the next things to do.

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