Friday, December 21, 2012

day 5 - Whiterun

Middas 21st of Last Seed 4E201

I woke up well rested. I decided to spend my day repairing my armor, stocking some health potions and getting to know Whiterun. As I stepped out of the banned Mare I overheard a strange conversation. The head of the Clan Battle-Born and his elder son were having a very unfriendly conversation with Fralia Grey-mane.
Two men against an old woman?
I did not hear exactly what the talk was about, nevertheless it disappoints me greatly what kind of supporters the Empire has in Whiterun. Such clowns like the Battle-Born are brave against an old lady but they would run like chicken if faced by a worthy foe. Such people are just like that.

Adrianne working hard
First I visited Adrianne Avenicci a kind and skilled Imperial blacksmith and sold her the rest of my loot that remained from the last days. Then I asked her to help me repair my armor and she kindly agreed. I also sharpened my new steel sword.  My Imperial armor set is complete and is also nicely reinforced. I am ready for the next encounters if need be. Adrianne asked me to deliver the sword she made for the Jarl to her father at Drasgon’s Reach.
I visited the Breton trader Belethor and traded my loot for potions. I also visited Arcadia a very kind Imperial alchemist and bought additional health potions at her shop.  Then I went to Dragon’s Reach and gave Adrianne’s sword to the steward. 
It is a nice job being the steward of Whiterun
On my way back I took a walk around the city. Whiterun is a beautiful place. Jarl Balgruf is leading the city wisely. People seem to be content for the most part and buildings are well maintained. The city walls are a bit under maintained though. That may be a serious trouble if a dragon decides to pay a lengthy visit to Whiterun. Being situated at the center of Skyrim, Whiterun can make quite a fortune from trade. The war has kept traders away in the recent time and that is being felt already.
A beautiful city and its mesmerizing surrounding
I have also talked with some people in the city. A young Nord woman Ysolda asked me to help her find a mammoth’s tusk. A Redgard asked for my assistance in retrieving his family heirloom sword. I promised both of them that I shall help them if opportunity shows. A good looking Imperial trader, a woman named Carlotta complained about being insulted by the local bard Mikael. I decided to have a talk with this Mikael fellow and set him to have some manners. 
I also visited the hall of the Companions. As I entered some of their members were brawling and the others cheered at them. They do look as fierce warriors individually, but are they disciplined enough as a coherent unit? I had a short talk with their leader Kodlak and their officers. I am looking for decent hire work in Skyrim and the companions may have provided that. My overall impression was that they are not the company I seek. I respectfully left thereafter.
It is a pity the Fighter’s Guild is not present in Skyrim. They have rules of engagement that I could live by and they make a decent organization. For now I am on my own and will go on like that for a while.
Hall of the Companions
At the shrine of Talos I said a short prayer. I am grateful that I have overcome the many perils of the past days.  Jarl Balgruf seems to look away when it comes to Talos worship. It is wise of him to do so, but not without risk. The Talmor can be on his neck very soon if this gets to the wrong ears. From what I see Balgruf is balancing between the two sides of the civil war and keeps Whiterun’s neutrality.  Up to now that seems to have paid off quite well. I wonder for how long can he keep this beautiful city away from the bloodshed that has spread all over Skyrim…
Mikael being educated
In the evening I returned to the Banned Mare and tried to persuade Mikael to come to his senses regarding Carlotta. The bard persisted and challenged me for a brawl. A short fist fight has been more useful in teaching him the manners he needed to learn so much. I have fought men much worse than this young lad, he just did not know. He then agreed to stop insulting Carlotta. 
A peaceful evening
After the brawl we had a nice evening at the inn. Mikael did not seem to be hurt much and played his music very well. Carlotta was very glad to hear the good news.  It is now time to sleep. Tomorrow I will explore around Whiterun. There are places filled with bandits and the Jarl put a bounty on some of them. 

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