Tuesday, December 18, 2012

day 2/B - The dragons have returned

Sundas, 18 th of Last Seed 4E201 (continued, page 2)

It is late at night, yet I can’t get some sleep. A lot has happened in the recent days and things happened which may change our world completely. At first the person being present is preoccupied with ensuring his survival and may not recognize immediately how far certain events can lead.
Dragons are back
The dragons have returned. That is a fact. I would have not believed such news if I had not been present. But I was. How can we people counter this threat? As experience shows a single dragon is capable of erasing a complete town.  Nobody is safe now.  How can we kill such beast? If we cannot how can we at least fight it off and chase it away? Would a big hail of arrows do, or some kind of destruction magic? As an Imperial I have no knowledge about the Dragons. We had our Dragonborn emperors but that was more of a tradition than anything else. And the Septim line is gone for two centuries now.  Nords have their tales but there may not be many practical things in them about handling dragons.
The book of Dragonborn
This evening I have read the book of the Dragonborn which I found in Helgen keep. It is written there that dragonborns may be able to kill dragons.  The dragonborns are descendants of St. Alessia.  The line of dragonborn emperors is terminated and it seems that humanity has lost its dragonborn members. This may not be completely true. Dragonborn emperors were flesh and blood men like all the others. They certainly had khm… bastard children at times, and they were not kept track of. Some of their descendants may be among us. Anyone of us could be a dragonborn if that is true.

That being said I remember my grandmother bragging that her father was a bastard son of a priest named Martin who served in the city of Kvatch. That priest turned to be Uriel Septim’s son and had a leading role in ending the Oblivion crisis. If that is true… bah what nonsense.  I believe I got carried too far away. It is time to go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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