Wednesday, December 19, 2012

day 3 - Embershard Mine

Morndas, 19 th of Last Seed 4E201 

Talking to Alvor at supper I learned from him about the troubles a bandit gang was causing to the citizens of Riverwood. Theft, ransoming, robbery was happening more and more often. They dwelled at the Embershard Mine not far from the village. I decided to pay them a little visit.  I left Riverwood early. I was on my guard since I stepped out of the village. Bandits in Skyrim became more and more of a problem since the province started to sink in the bloody civil war. I found the mine easily. 
Embershard Mine
At the entrance a fierce Nord bandit tried to scare me off. It looked like he did not regard me as a serious threat. I did my best to prove him wrong. The young men put up quite a fight at the beginning and I needed to block his hits with my iron shield. Soon he exhausted himself and I could open his defense easily. With a few cuts he was down.
Then I entered the mine. The crafty outlaws trapped the entrance but I noticed and sprung them without getting myself hurt. I listened for a few moments and waited for somebody to rush to the entrance. Nobody came. The rest were too deep in the mine being very confident about their guard and traps. 
Tunnel of the mine
As I went in deeper I spotted two bandits talking near a campfire. With some noise I lured them to my position I caught them by surprise. In a short fight I cut them down. Going further deep I reached a raised bridge which I needed to lower. I found the lever in a cell near by. Two more bandits run to me hearing that something was going on near the bridge. These two fellows were harder to overcome. I retreated slowly blocking and hitting them here and there. Soon one of them went down and the other followed. The next thing I found was a barred cell. These thugs must have kept there their prisoners they wanted to ransom. A fierce redgard attacked me with a mace and  got a few blows landing on my shield and armor. My cuts did not delay too much and deep they went through the bandit’s rags. I found the treasure room and looted gold, gems and a precious enchanted pair of hide boots.
Bandits fought hard
The mine seemed to never end. Finally I reached the last and biggest hall of the mine. I encountered another three bandits and one by one I put them down. The strongest was a tall redgard with a black beard swinging wildly a two hand sword. My skill bested his brute force though. The bandits even managed to set up a forge in the mine and had considerable food supplies too.  I finally exited the mine at the other end where I found another entrance. 
Bleak Falls Barrow
 The second entrance had a view to the opposite mountain with Bleak Falls Barrow on top. Skyrim is a beautiful place and Nords are rightfully proud of their homeland.  I descended from the mountain side back to the road, then I crossed the river to explore the other side. I wanted to hunt some elk to get their hide. I found none but caught two rabbits instead. I came by an old hut and found an old woman sitting in front of it. She wanted to be alone and I respectfully left. It was time to get back to Riverwood. On my way I was attacked by two skeletons. They were slow and weak and offered not much of a resistance. They may have come down from the barrow. Such foul creatures were always found in dark and hidden places. What is happening now, even the dead are walking under the clear sky? 
Skeleton approaching
 After reaching Riverwood I sold my loot to Alvor and Lucan Valerius. The trader was ranting about thieves, but I did not ask him about the details. For the loot Alvor gave me leather, and iron ingots to practice my smithing skills. During the rest of the afternoon I made leather armor and iron daggers which I sold to Alvor. My smithing knowledge improves nicely, soon I will be able to make the Imperial armor set I need.
In the evening we had a nice rabbit stew for supper. After that I visited the inn and talked with the locals and I got updated with the latest rumors. 

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