Tuesday, December 18, 2012

day 1 - Facing my fate

Loredas, 17th of Last Seed 4E201

By the mercy of Talos and all the Gods I made it alive through the last days. Being a soldier I saw many people die and faced death countless time myself. There were a few days in my life when death came very close by. Today was such a day. Being persistent and having a bit of luck prevented me from meeting my ultimate fate as of yet though.

Yesterday I left Bruma before dawn and got past the Imperial patrols with ease. I spent the whole day crossing the Jerall Mountains without having any major trouble. I shot a deer during the day and the venison was more than enough to keep me well fed. I spent the night in the lower mountains and had a short but good sleep as I knew I had already reached Skyrim. In the morning I made a short descent and not long after dawn I reached the road to Helgen. Then events turned to an unexpected direction. A small Imperial cavalry patrol rode in speed on the road. I stopped and stayed at the side of the road waiting peacefully for them to pass. Instead of riding further the soldiers stopped at me and got me surrounded. I was ready to answer their question about what I was doing there but they did not say a word. After a second something hit me from behind and I fell unconscious.

I woke up sitting in a wagon with three bound Nords. One of them had his mouth folded and later he turned to be the Jarl of Windhelm and the leader of the Stormcloak rebellion in Skyrim. In front of me was sitting a tall and strong blond haired Nord called Ralof, and another Nord a horse thief in rags. I did not quite understand how I have got myself in this situation but it certainly did not look good.

An unexpected way to arrive at Helgen
We were soon approaching the town of Helgen and a familiar voice was heard. General Tullius was talking with the soldiers guarding the convoy. The Legion has sent him to Skyrim not without a reason. Top leaders like him are always at the hot spots of the Empire trying to handle troubles that others could not. I heard sporadic news in Cyrodiil about the uprising in Skyrim. It was always mentioned as a minor issue which is dealt locally and effectively by the Empire. I myself while was aware of the war, I did not expect any encounters so close to Cyrodiil. I was totally wrong. I believed the fight was tougher then what the officials said but I did not expect the situation to be so bad. I must be aware of that from now on.
The raid which captivated me was very much the way Tullius was waging his wars. He always struck where the enemy expected the least. It must have been the reason why he caught the leader of the rebellion and his Stormcloak guards by surprise.

Yet again I was without justice considered an enemy of the Empire. It looked like the Gods were rewarding my loyal service to the Legion with death by their hands. Gods do have strange reasons sometimes. I would have not been the first one to suffer that fate that is for certain. This is what the decadent Empire and Legion has become. They cannot make a difference between friend and foe any more. In Helgen we got of the wagon and it soon became clear that all the people transported there will be beheaded on the spot.

Does the Legion know what they are doing?
When the men were queuing for the block a kind Nord legionnaire named Hadvar asked about my identity. I was tempted to reveal my past, but I saw no sense in it. No one would have believed me. If that was to be my end I had to accept it.

It would have been wise of General Tullius to quickly execute the leader of the rebellion and end the uprising instantly. Executing the other Stormcloak soldiers would have been a big mistake though as those men did not deserve death. The execution of innocent people including me among them would have been a crime. In war mistakes are made and that has to be accepted. This however would have been more than just some mistake. And it certainly would have not made more supporters of the Empire in Skyrim.
The stage is set.
Then I was called to the headsmen...

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