Tuesday, December 18, 2012

day 2 - A message to Whiterun

Sundas, 18 th of Last Seed 4E201

As I promised to Alvor yesterday I headed to Whiterun at dawn. I followed the road north for the most part. Nothing really exciting happened except that a lone wolf attacked me. I slew it immediately and skinned it. Its hide will be put to good use at the forge. When I reached a hill top suddenly the view on Whiterun became visible. Those citizens of the Empire who think that in Skyrim there is nothing else but Barbarians should visit Whiterun.  The city looks amazing even from afar with Dragon’s Reach at the top. When I reached the city gate the guards were already on alert and reluctant to let me in. After telling them I had an important message for the Jarl in connection with the dragon they let me enter.  
Whiterun from afar.
I quickly went to the palace of the Jarl and asked for audience. The over-zealous bodyguard would not let me speak to him, but Jarl Balgruf called for me. I told him Alvor’s message and explained the events at Helgen. The Jarls was not surprised as he had received information about the dragon from other sources. Balgruf asked for a short council from his two advisors and decided to send a small detachment of guards to Riverwood. He being a generous ruler rewarded me with a steel heavy armor. He also asked me to talk with his wizard as he would have another job for me. I did as the Jarl asked. The wizard sent me into a horrible tomb for searching an ancient stone tablet. Such request cannot be declined so I had no other choice then to accept the task. It will take some time until I can prepare myself to doing what I am asked for.
Balgruf Jarl of Whiterun
I did not intend to spend much time in Whiterun as I wanted to bring back Alvor the good news. As I walked through the city it seemed that the houses are well maintained and there is order in the city. Jarl Balgruf must be doing very well as the leader of Whiterun making it one of the biggest cities in Skyrim.  I will definitely return and have a deeper look at this place which I found with my first impression to my liking. Not long after noon I arrived back to Riverwood. Alvor was happy to hear the good news. Then we had a quick lunch.
Back to riverwood and smithing with Alvor
In the afternoon I sold of my loot to Alvor and some of it at the Riverwood Trader. I helped around the forge in the afternoon and Alvor taught me a lot about smithing. That will come very handy when I need to maintain my equipment. From the money I made I bought a few restore health potions, steel Imperial gloves and steel Imperial boots. I almost have a mixed heavy armor set which will serve me well in the next days. I have now 100 gold which is not enough to by myself a steel sword so I have to do with the iron sword I have.  I also wish to have a complete Imperial heavy armor set. While it is not the strongest armor I know its use the best thus it will be the best option for me. I need to improve my smithing skills to make and strengthen the whole set though.
In the evening, I found some time to reflect about the past days and write in my diary.

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