Tuesday, December 18, 2012

day 1/B - An unexpected escape

Loredas, 17th of Last Seed 4E201 (continued, page 2)

Today my head was laid on the headsmen's block yet I am still alive. Gods do have their strange way to sort things out. Just as the headsmen was about to swing his axe to decapitate me a strange loud noise was heard from the near. Nobody knew what is was until a huge flying creature landed right on top of the tower near us.
A dragon!
A dragon! Hell broke loose instantly at that moment. The beast started to burn the whole place. There was not much time to wonder around. I quickly ran off with the Nord called Ralof to a near tower. I saw that Ulfric Jarl of Windhelm has made it inside safe as well. I heard the voice of General Tullius trying to keep his men from running and make them fight the dragon.I jumped from the hole in the side of the tower to the attic of a house nearby then jumped off the ground. The legionnaire named Hadvar was near me. He asked me to stay close to him and I did so as I had a good feeling about this man. In trouble he acted bravely and helped the civilians get out of the burning town.
A true legionnaire aiding civilians in need
We run through the center of Helgen and met Ralof who was escaping. Hadvar and Ralof must have known each other well and it seems they hate each other as Hadvar is a Nord serving the Legion and Ralof is a Stormcloak. Both yelled to me to join them in their escape. Both are decent young men I am sure I could have made it out with any of them.

As a former legionnaire I chose to stay with Hadvar. I do not know much about the Stormcloaks. The Legion being as bad as it is now is still the Legion I served. I entered with Hadvar the Helgen keep. We collected some equipment there armor swords potions, whatever we found. As we made our way through the keep, we met Stromcloaks inside. Hadvar tried to reason with them but they attacked us at once and we had no choice but fight back. That ended in more lives wasted in vain. At least that was the Stomcloak lives and not ours. Hadvar fought valiantly and gallantly. I did my best to back him up however the long years of office work made my sword wielding skills a little rusty. I am not totally out of practice though thanks to my habit of joining the guards training in Chorrol after the war in order to keep some of my former shape.
A needles and bloody fight in the keep
Instead of heavy armor I had to use the light armor we found in the keep. The iron sword was a bit dull but it was sufficient in such a case of emergency. I looted some of the equipment from the fallen Stormcloaks. Hopefully that will make me some coin to get me started. We made it through the keep and the cave below. With the help of Hadvar I escaped unharmed. Gods are good. Hadvar offered me to join him and we traveled to Riverwood a small village near by.
Finally safe in Riverwood
There we were received with hospitality by Alvor, Hadvar's uncle who is the blacksmith of Riverwood. Alvor offered us food and shelter and I am afraid I will need to accept his kind hospitality for a while. Alvor asked me to go to Whiterun and pass the message to Balgruf Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon threat. That I will do early in the morning tomorrow. We had a cozy dinner with Alvors' family and Hadvar.
With friends: Alvor and Hadvar
I am about to have some sleep now. Gods wanted me to live and I made it here safe. I praise Talos for not letting me fall to the many perils today.

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