Monday, December 17, 2012

day 0 - Last night in Cyrodiil

Sundas, 15th of Last Seed 4E201

I am starting this diary in Bruma at the Olav's Tap and Tack inn. I am a man in my middle age years and I am on the run. It seems that this is my last night in Cyrodiil for a long time. I will leave for Skyrim in the hours before dawn, when the guards are ending their late watch in order to give myself the best chance. I shall cross the Jerall Mountains and head for Helgen where friends are waiting for me. I shall decide about what to do next after having arrived.

In my entire life I have served the Empire and the city of Chorrol with loyalty and honor. I love the Empire and the city of Chorrol with all my heart. This however does not make me blind. Corruption and decadence have led to near distruction of the Empire and the very same reasons led me to run from my homeland. I have decently served my whole life, yet I am convicted and pursued for crimes I have never comitted.

This room at the Inn will do for the short night ahead.
I have been a soldier for many years and I have experienced misery what civil people would not even imagine. I am used to having tough luck from time to time and I always found a way out of my troubles. The days to come will not be different. I have to return and clear my name when the time is appropriate.

Until the day of my return arrives I must make my living and fortune in Skyrim.While Skyrim may be a tougher place than Cyrodiil, the honest Nord people will certainly make a better company then most of the shifty Imperials. That I appreciate. Even if they are a quite hot-tempered sometimes. My long years of service in the Imperial Legion taught me to be very resourceful. I will put that to good use.

Let Talos be my guide in these hard times.

(Author's note: It is very much advised to read the characters pre-game story before starting to read the diary entries!)

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